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Travel to Switzerland

Since December 2008 Switzerland is part of the Schengen area. You can check the effective visa regulations at the Swiss FOM. In case you need a visum, please plan ahead and apply in time.

Where is Morschach?

The village of Morschach is located on a terrace about 200m above Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne), roughly 50km to the south of Zürich, as indicated by the green pin on the map shown below.

Morschach forms a municipality together with the car-free village Stoos, that is located further up the mountain Fronalpstock (1922m.a.s.) and has a small (winter) ski-resort. The whole municipality Morschach-Stoos has about 1000 inhabitants.

How to get to Morschach?

As for most places in Switzerland, it is very easy and convenient to get to Morschach by public transport. The closest train station is in Brunnen, and it is a 10min. bus trip from there to Morschach. The bus runs from 6AM to 11PM, at least once per hour and for the most part actually in 30min. intervals. The bus schedule is adjusted to the train schedule in Brunnen so that when arriving by train usually one has about 10min. to change to the bus.


From Zürich, there is a train connecting in Brunnen to every bus to Morschach. That is, you will have a connection every hour or even every 30min. The whole trip Zürich-Morschach takes about 1h15min. About every two hours there is a direct connection because the inter-regio train running between Zürich and Locarno stops in Brunnen. Otherwise, one has to change in Zug to the S2 (Zug-Erstfeld). More details regarding train connections can be inquired from the Swiss Railway website.


Zürich airport (ZRH) is pretty close to the city centre and offers international connections to more than 100 destinations. It has its own railway station called Zürich Flughafen. The trip from Zürich Flughafen to Zürich main station (called Zürich HB) takes about 10 minutes. When going from Zürich Flughafen to Morschach, one has to change in Zürich HB. Overall the trip takes about 1h35min. Please check your connection on the Swiss Railway website, where you can also buy tickets online.

Remarks regarding the purchase of online tickets on the Swiss Railway website: If the system does not know the station "Morschach, Swiss Holiday Park", just replace it by "Morschach, Post", which is the next station; you may also simply remove "Brunnen, Bahnhof" from via, if it gives trouble. You may register but you do not need to do so. For payment you need a credit card or an Airplus account.

From the airport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg (BSL) it is about 2h40min. by bus and train to Morschach.

How to get to Antoniushaus?

From the bus station "Morschach, Swiss Holiday Park" it is an easy (straight) 5-10min. walk to the conference site. Just follow the signs to "Antoniushaus, Mattli". On the map below, the bus station is marked with the yellow pin (showing a bus symbol) and Antoniushaus is marked with a green pin (showing a house symbol). The blue pin (bed symbol) marks the Hotel "Swiss Holiday Park".

There is also a PDF map of Morschach (with kind permission of Morschach-Stoos Tourismus).