How to register and reserve rooms


Up to and including February 28, 2011, we offer a reduced early-registration rate of CHF 180.00 (full) and CHF 110.00 (student). When registering after this date, the fee is CHF 230.00 (full) and CHF 160.00 (student). On Feb 11, 2011 CHF 100 were about EUR 76.

The registration fee (both categories) includes admission to all sessions, coffee breaks, and an excursion. In order to confirm their status, students must show a current student ID or a letter from their advisor at the registration desk.

Booklet of abstracts

The registration fee does not include a hardcopy of the booklet of abstracts. You can order copies of the booklet for a price of CHF 25.00 each by checking the corresponding box on the registration form. Availability of booklets cannot be guaranteed after the early-registration deadline.

Registration processing

Update (March 18, 2011): Online registration is closed. Participants can still register on-site and pay the registration fee cash in CHF.

The post-processing of the registration forms is done manually. After submitting the form, you should get a short email immediately to confirm the reception of your request. Within at most two working days, you should then receive another email that confirms your registration and possible reservation and also provides you with details regarding the payment process. As bank transfers within Europe via SEPA transactions are basically free of charge, we expect participants from Europe to pay via bank transfer. If you are from abroad and/or it is unreasonably complicated or expensive for you to pay via bank transfer, please indicate that on the registration form and the organizers will contact you regarding an alternative form of payment.


Update (March 11, 2011): Room reservations can no longer be made through the registration form. Please contact the hotel directly. Contact Antoniushaus via or phone +41 (0)41 820 22 26 and Swiss Holiday Park via or phone +41 (0)41 825 58 01.

Room reservations can be made through the registration process, but the rooms are to be paid during your stay at the hotel directly. The availability of certain types of rooms is limited. Rooms will be assigned in a first-come-first-serve manner. Although we will remove room types that are booked out from the registration form, due to the timeframe needed to process registrations, this removal may not happen immediately after the last room of a type has been reserved. Therefore you are advised to specify an alternative choice of room type, in case that your first preference is booked out already.

In order to make best use of the rooms available, please consider sharing a double (or triple/quadruple) room with colleagues. In almost all double rooms the beds can be separated (twin). If you would like to/be willing to share a room but do not know with whom: We maintain a (password-protected) webpage with names and email addresses of those who are looking for room mates. In order to be put on and get access to this page, please fill in the corresponding field on the registration form.